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Celebrating the Legacy of Mr. David Braley

Mr. David Braley’s incredible vision and generosity has supported and inspired exceptional research at McMaster University, especially in the area of infectious diseases. His legacy will be proudly carried on by our researchers and trainees.

When David Braley passed away peacefully at his Burlington home earlier this month, McMaster University’s infectious disease research community lost a long-time supporter, philanthropist, and friend.

While many will recognize his name from its place atop the David Braley Health Sciences Centre in downtown Hamilton or the David Braley Athletic Centre on campus, ‘Braley’ was much more than a name on a wall. Mr. Braley was a visionary who fundamentally changed the way we do health research at McMaster.

Mr. Braley’s particular interest and strategic investment in antibiotic discovery and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) led to landmark studies in infectious disease research, as well as the establishment of the David Braley Centre for Antibiotic Discovery in 2019. The mission of the Centre is to achieve Mr. Braley’s goal of mitigating the global threat of AMR. Since its inception less than two years ago, the Centre has provided significant funding for milestone-driven projects related to AMR research and antibiotic discovery and has contributed over $80,000 in scholarships to support undergraduate students undertaking projects related to AMR.

Mr. Braley’s support of infectious disease research at McMaster also enabled the creation of the Braley Fellows Program, through which experts in the field are able to provide trainees with unique opportunities to learn about AMR from many different perspectives.

Although Mr. Braley also leaves behind a legacy in Canadian business, sports, and politics, it was his ardent enthusiasm for health research that will have a sustained impact. His investments have already funded research, supported learning, and saved lives — the impacts of which will undoubtedly be felt for many years to come.

Mr. Braley’s generosity was matched only by his determination to make a difference in peoples’ lives — a virtue that we will proudly continue to uphold on his behalf.

We thank Mr. Braley for his incredible support and confidence over the years. His selflessness and generosity have allowed us to create programs and infrastructure to support the training of the next generation of leaders, and his gift has allowed us to directly improve the health of our community. Our hometown of Hamilton and our nation lost a true visionary.

Several members of McMaster University’s Institute for Infectious Disease Research celebrated the opening of the David Braley Centre for Antibiotic Discovery in June 2019.


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